Slimming / Dieting Pills Fact or Fiction?

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.Slimming pills at a glance appear to be a quick fix and easy way to drop weight tempting you with miracle drugs that cause instant and effective results. Coming from a sports science background I can almost 100% verify that they lead to almost no weight loss, the primary components of "dieting pills" is caffeine which cause an increase in your metabolic functions giving the feeling of surplus energy which could encourage you to partake in exercise but will not cause increased weight loss. Other problems with caffeine are that it is an addictive substance, im sure a large percentage of you consume tea or coffee and some of us consume a little too much, when the pots empty you enter withdrawal. Drinks such as red-bull are high in caffeine approx 200mg / can. (Approx 4-5 cups of coffee) and consuming this amount of caffeine on a regular basis can lead to addiction. Most dieting pills contain 250mg-350mg of caffeine which is the same as 5-7 cups of coffee, the drug caffeine does have some positives it can lead to performance improvement during high intensity aerobic exercise and reaction times hence why it is a prohibited IOC substance but does not lead to weight loss.

Leading back to the dieting pills substances such as xenocal (Lipase Inhibitor) which stops your body from breaking down and digesting fat are proven effective with a calorie controlled diet, can lead to weight loss but are only prescribed to subjects with high BMI (Body Mass Index) generally in the categories of obese and above. 

Unfortunately folks the most effective means of losing weight is reducing your calorie intake marginally say 250-500 calories a day and repeated low intensity aerobic exercise. In English that means walking at a moderate pace or light jog at this intensity your body will burn fat instead or utilizing other energy pathways. Ideally this should be 20mins or longer in duration for example walking the dog and to loose weight in a safe manner you should expect no more that +/- 2lbs a week.

Another factor is that herbal medicine and alternative remedies have no governing body or testing procedure unlike licensed drugs from your chemist or GP who have to seek approval and testing from the FDA or equivalent body (Food and Drug Agency). Meaning that the unlicensed herbal drugs sold on eBay may contain similar contents to that of legitimate substances but they have not been screened and tested, their contents and quantities are unknown making slightly risky. In conclusion physiologically they provide limited improvement in weight loss which is at most probably attributed to psychosomatic response. (You think it’s working thus your workload increases)

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