Slimming pills and fat burning pills

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I was looking for some supplements and came across a seller who also sold slimming/diet pills. When I read his feedback, he'd been slated by buyers who'd left bad feedback because they said they never worked or that they'd put on weight. Perhaps he deserved the bad feedback. After all, he's selling snake oil.  But I couldn't help wondering about all the people who'd bought them in the first place. Surely they were intelligent enough to realise that they don't work? There is enough info out there telling you they don't work!!!!

 The only way to lose weight is to work at it, change to way you eat and do more exersize. There is no easy fix. If you are overweight, it's because your calorie intake, exceeds your calorie use.If you are overweight and wish to spend money to achieve weight loss, the best thing I can recommend is to join weightwatchers. You'll lose weight if you follow the plan, and if you make the plan permanent, you'll keep the weight off for the rest of your life. You can still eat cakes, biscuits, fish and chips etc, but they are only a small part of your diet. If I could invent a pill which meant that you could still eat too much fatty food and have takeaways all day long, and just sit around watching telly and *still* lose weight, I'd be a millionaire. The scammers who sell so called diet pills probably already *are* millionaires because gullible people keep giving them their money, hoping against common sense that there really is a magic and easy way to get slim. There isn't!

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