Small Business buying from an online wholesaler 4 Ebay

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Many sellers both on and off ebay are classed as a small business and it can often be hard to find a wholesaler to buy from in small quantities, and when a wholesaler is found it can often be very costly when ordering small quantities, here is a few tips to help you purchase from wholesalers online.

  • As tempting as it is to buy weekly from a wholesaler as and when they bring in new stock. Try to hold off until you can afford to purchase enough stock that reduces the postage the charge. Often with online wholesalers if you order above £100 worth of stock they will offer free carriage, which may not sound like a big saving when the carriage only costs about £7 to begin with, but when you have to divide that postage cost and add it to your price it can make a difference.
  • There are many online wholesalers that will not deal with ebay customers so it is a good idea to have your own website when you can so that you can buy stock freely to place in your website and ebay, as many non-ebay wholesalers actually allow you to sell on ebay but don't believe you are a business if you only have an ebay shop.
  • It goes without saying that buying your packaging from ebay or an online wholesaler and in bulk will save you greatly in costs, so consider saving enough money for a big order of packaging instead of buying in small doses. Many wholesalers such as online cash & carries have a good stock of packaging to sell.
  • Don't be afraid to send damaged stock back to the wholesaler. Even if you are buying in small quantities, your rights to an exchange or refund is completely intact. Remember every penny counts.
  • These days a lot of online wholesalers accept paypal and I've yet to find one who charges the buyer the fees, so paypal is a good alternative to using your card when you first make a purchase from a new wholesaler.
  • REMEMBER that what the wholesaler is selling may not actually be allowed on Ebay. Just because they are selling a product online doesn't mean you will be able to sell it. As with all online buying, many of the times wholesalers are selling counterfeit goods or genuine goods that ebay or VERO programmed companies do not allow. For example I purchased gothic finger rings a year back to discover I was not allowed to sell them here as they are considered an offensive weapon. This year I purchased some gothic lighters only to be Vero'ed because the shape was that of a Zippo which is protected. So be careful what you buy, do your research on ebay. If there is not already someone selling them or a similar item it could be because it is not allowed.
  • Reuse the packaging your items are sent in, even if it is to cut the boxes up and use them to stifen envelopes. All this extra help, aides your item in reaching the buying safely and securely and shows you've taken much effort in your packaging...all for free!
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