Smart Wax

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Smart Wax does what it says in their advertising. It can be applied quickly and easily (its only easy as the wax is so thin).

I bought Smart Wax because their advertising promised so much, or hinted the wax was capable of so many good things...

But your paintworks got to be in excellent condition in the first place. It will not cover up minor scratches as it’s a very thin wax. Smart Wax sinks into scratches and shines them up!

It does not remove tar easily at all, files still get stuck to the front of your car. The shine lasted a week and a half before I saw it dulling. Its so thin, washing your car removes Smart Wax, thus the dulling.

Smart Wax is an ok product, but its thin, doesn’t last a great deal of time and its quite expensive for the same results that Tesco car wax can give you. Only difference is Smart Wax smells better.

I much prefer Autoglym Super Resin. It covers up most scratches and provides a much longer lasting shine than Smart Wax. For me it also lasts six to eight weeks even with washing the car.

I am handing over the Smart Wax to my son as he loves to believe advertising hype, I dont want to waste any more time with Smart Wax. Autoglym costs the same and does a noticeably better job.

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