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Hi there, I'm Ria and i am a beauty Therapist and Make-up Artist, though I worship at theArtist's at Smashbox  feet! They are cream of the crop, The Make-up Artists to the stars, they have a natural gift for colour and design with make-up that you cannot teach or buy or learn. Though that hasnt stopped the V president of Global Artistry & Education, Holly Mordini .She has qualifications coming out of her ears and a fine arts degree. Thats the quality of Make-up Artists  who chose to work for Smashbox. They create looks and for Vogue covers Vanity fair etc plus top rated Models and A list Icon's. I mention this as MAC tend to be considered  the Pro Brand and the Artist's choice, yes they are but Smashbox is way up there with them * & SB offer Skin Care treatment in a cosmetic (*cosmeceuticals)  SB are Artist led high end, highly rated both by the industry and Real Women. They are just less known in the UK at the moment. Smashbox are Huge is the USA.

 Please note i did aim to keep this short sorry!! Ria xx

 I love the way Smashbox use their knowledge to create 'cant be without products'. Or show you how to really get a look that graced a magazine cover (pre touch ups) The Products SB design make it possible for us to get the same effect.In our normal lives we couldnt apply 10 different shades of blush/ highlight and contour mixes to create perfect planes,contours cheeks. No Woman unless working in the industry would have the money or space for the products let alone choose the right colour palette Though Smashbox know how to make a product that will give you the efffect of multi dimensional shades, Highlight and give various finish matte to shimmer all in one product (Smashbox Fusions). Multi Tasting is Smashbox!

Smashbox  uses Light, Texture, & shade to highlight our good points and detract from our not so good bits. Also bring us products where we can let our creativity gene get to work. While they understand our  lack of time,  (I havn't so will get on with the review of Halo) Though just think of them as the Oscar of the Beauty World. I have written a Dyslectic review on Smashbox Primers. Its very old and at the time a lot of people didnt really see the point of them what they were (i didnt help the situation). Its maybe worth a read ? Please be kind I do try and having an off day!! I will correct it and will stop waffling now! Really i should have just stated Try it.

Ok Back to HALO, I am in love! Well, i look it with the gorgeous hue i get from Halo Hydrating Powder Foundation. Its the first pressed powder anti ag-ing HYDRATING Powder, sounds so wrong doesnt it? Powder gives moisture? Well Smashbox have done it.

First thing you notice is its an cool  unusual compact, open it pull off the blue seal and see a grater. Its round and you twist the it to release the powder. Even this won an Industry Award in design, Let alone the Product.

Guide to application, Think of the round grater as a clock and move it from 12am to 1. You build up coverage which is also wonderful and so much more natural & Dewy.

Ok the best way to explain it and for you to compare it to is Mineral Powder. Though do you find, firstly that they highlight your lines and seem to dig a trench? I do around my eyes. though there are products to correct that. 2 big problems with it is .... 1 i can be clumsy and have dropped a full Foundation on my Mother's Carpet, it was off white, Well after finished with it it was! That may just be me? I reallly do find the mess annoying, on the dresser on my clothes and in my bag. Though none of the above are enough to stop me using something that will give me amazing  Looking skin. So i used it for 'no make up' Make-up days, but i have stopped since Smashbox Launched Halo. I am a Halo Girl through and through.

 OMG! Halo H P P F ( hydrating powder perfecting powder foundation) This is the first ever Anti Aging Powder. I just have to tell you about this as it isnt hype gals. Anyone who buys from me knows i dont do a hard sell (hate it and its just not me) You get allot of powder large too 21g Compare with any mineral make-up and i think even with the average brands that this will work out cost effective Sorry since theEconomy went to hell in Handbag i know how  important Value for Money is. We all want things that do what say. A fair Ask i think.

So, so far we know the compact is genius and you have freshly grated application every day, Now for the sceince bit, or is this just real magic? Honestly ? i dont think i would care!!

Halo powder has encapsulated liquid, patented, powerful peptides. amino acids. 48 good for your skin minerals including Gold. Remember not all minerals are good for your skin, far from it!.It is Talc Free (can be drying). Oil free (suitable for all ages) Pareben Free, Patentated hydration system to continously revitalize the skin. Really Smashbox have taken the best from Nature and Merged it with the cutting (grating) edge of Technology. This powder drip feeds your skin moisture throughout the day. Forget powder fear factor its a thing of the past!!

Clinical Trails show

After 10 minutes  there is a 33% decrease in the appearance of wrinkles and lines around the eyes after applying Halo. Yes! after 10 minutes and its not an Eye cream, a 33% reduction * That's Amazing when Make-up used to be 'bad' for the skin.

After 6 weeks of use, there is a  *67% reduction of lines and wrinkles overall* I would have happy if Halo just didnt enhasize fine lines! This is one of the best so called Cosmeceuticals i have ever used.It Works!! Your Skin will look better by 67% in 6 weeks of using this * real clinical trails.

 So how does Halo make the skin look? Whats the coverage?

Halo gives any coverage you want. Use as a Finishing Powder if you wish over a foundation, I would always use over smashbox primer as the results are so much better, Use with Soft Focus Smashbox tinted moisturiser in Luminious would be perfect or as full foundation the choice is yours! Just twist a lil and buff on, Smashbox Brush #19 is the ideal brush for this if you already have it. The kabuki brush is handy but a proper #1 powder brush or #29 / #19 is much better and shows Smashbox brush quality. I tend to use Camera Ready concealer then build this with 2 - 3 twists & buff's. Halo gives a Halo Lit from within effect skin looks younger with a bloom. A brighter More Radiant You.

Shades there are only 4 in total       FAIR        LIGHT        MEDIUM     DARK     These are very forgiving and you do not need to worry about under tones or over tones just your face shade. Oh did i say as you apply Halo with the brush it releases the patented anti ag-ers and hydrating formula?

For Young Skin it gives a beautiful healthy look (as you still have the bloom of youth) I sound so old! On Mature Skin Skin looks younger, hydrated and Polished. Not Parched, Dry, .Oily or dull

                                                 Well Done SB!

Then i received Halo colour boosting / Halo Warmth. This is the Ultimate finishing powder that offers everything that Halo does (not coverage this is Not a Foundation) in a translucent Peachy multi dimensional with shades of gold peach bronze yellow hues mixed to perfection ready for you, It doesnt matter if you are Ulta Pale or deep dark skin toned this is the shade for you. Its a hassle free buy comes in one shade only its a not bronzer not a flat awful bronzer. Its a Smashbox Type of Bronzer. Bad fake bronzers simply do not exsist in The World of Smashbox. bloom and Subtle glow. Perfect. Your Skin truly looks like yours but better, It (this sounds odd) gives a expensive look to the skin that just been to the spa look. Super natural but doesnt have coverage.

My last attempt at discribing Smashbox Bronzers (softlights) and Halo is think  facial warmer for want of another word, oh  Boost of colour?  The look of young skin after a little sun this doesnt give you a Tan just the look of health. Compliments every skin tone.

I hope this helps some one some where

Ria xxx Moor-4-u Utimate Beauty

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