Sniper Elite

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This game is probably one of the best ever that i have had the chance to play, I thought that it deserved a review considering that there was not any advertisement so far as i know that there was such a game as this one.
The likes of Socom, Splinter Sell, Medal Of Honour, these films are always well documented and advertised before they hit the shelves.
I always go for the best names console game play I wont very rarely touch anything else except from the makes described above.
There are some pretty naff games out there and i saw this game advertised on the site which promotes and releases Splinter Cell i thought i would try it.
Ok so i got the game through put the disc in and my immediate reaction was the load up screens looked a bit naff but it was then that something spectacular happened! This game providing the scope is in the right place will allow you to travel with the bullet right up to where it strikes the target, giving you a close up shot of the kill or injury.
The kill can be quite messy especially if you take out your target with the prefered head shot opposed to body shot this smashes the skull into fragments, so there is a lot of blood and bone.
Apart from this i must thank those responsible for the layouts and all the visuals so much detail that the buildings looked so real in fact one street felt as though i was actually there to the extent that i could have sat down on a local bench i looked around this location for a while wow this is so real.
Then there are the powerfull scope on the rifle you are carrying, and those binoculars are so powerfull i could see at a far distance in clarity crystal clear.
The arms you are carrying are perfect and so real modeled exactly on the real things!.
The characters move suprisingly like real people and act on there own inititive, they will search for you!
In fact i was hidden on a roof top with the russian soldiers below searching for me i just peered over the edge of the roof, one of these soldiers was actually looking up and then saw me, i looked at him through the rifle scope and just prior to him raising the alarm i had shot him in the head and could see his eyes actually moving as though he could see what was about to hit him!
Everything in this game is like real life, the trouble with some games is that once you have been spotted the enemy will delay killing for you to get the upper hand or to have a head start, in this game no such thing.
The enemy once you have compramised yourself will hunt you down they will be hell bent on killing you so you have to think on your own initative. It is a wise precaution that where ever you go use stealth if possible! If you have to kill and enemy do it quietly with your silenced side arm.Once you have fired that shot from your rifle the enemy are focused now on finding you the sniper.
The enemy will shoot at you immediately on finding you there is no delay "This is life or death situation" You or them.
The enemy are never placed in the same place twice if you have to restart any level not like some games.
Top marks to the makers of this game and i hope they make a sequel this is top end game playing If you can get it then get it you wont be dissopointed and if you are there must be something wrong with you.
The best ever game i have ever played!! Oh and the music this is also brilliant especially when this goes through a powerful music station like i have and ever sound is picked out. Really this is a superb game.
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