SnugPak Sleeping bags for Military Use

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A summary from a handout written for cadets

    The  key factors are,
    1. Warmth.
    2. Weight.
    3. Packed size.
    4. Cost.
    The most common private purchase bag in the Army is SnugPak Softie 9. It has a couple of similar bags also made by snagpak.  These are all three season bags which means they should be adequate in all but the worst of Winter months.  A bivi bag and rollmat give an extra 5 degrees and makes this bag adequate for all seasons in the UK

    Softie 9- hawk is the older and original version three season bag in Snugpak's range. On its own the bag is comfortable at -5 centigrade. It weighs 1.5Kg inc stuff sack and packs down to 21 x 19 cm (according to their website.) In reality 20 x 25 cm- packed quickly

    Their lower cost version is the Elite range. Elite 3 is the same as Softie 9, only 100g heavier but pack size is up to 22/26 (Reality 24 x 28)  So 20% cheaper means bigger but only a little heavier

    Tactical 3 is their upmarket version 20% more money, warmer 1700g £150 ish 23/20 (25/25 reality)

    Sleeper is down market, very cheap but still warm. These bags are designed by snugpak but are made abroad using cheaper materials.

    Extreme sleeper  less than half price, but still as warm for under £50 but at 2.1 kg  50% heavier and pack size 29/25  (Reality 30/40)

    Sleeper Lite £40  -5 C   1800g   Pack size 29/25   (Reality 30/38 at speed)

    Tactical bag, with a Bivi bag and roll mat will set you back close to £200

    Sleeper Lite with a second hand bivi bag ( ebay) total cost £60 -70 will do the same job but you'll carry a little more weight BUT it will take  2 to 2.5 times the space in your Bergen

    Or keep your  eye on ebay and go for something in between. The cadet in our family cost just under £80 for DPM gortex bivi bag, rollmat and an Elite 3, all second hand but in Grade 1 condition 

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