So other members will not be ripped off!!!!!!

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I simply wanted to write this guide for those Ebay members who decide to do business with this member called funked1977. This is my experience but from the number of negative feedback that this member has been getting lately it seems that I was not the only to be fooled. Let me tell you what happened...I was looking for a PS3 60gb and because they are out of production I concluded that the only way to get one would be to buy a used or refurbished one from Ebay. I was out to check all bases before I attempted to place a bid. I checked how long members had been registered with Ebay, their feedback, I checked that they accepted Paypal and the amount protected. After careful research I thought I had found the right deal and decided to place my bet on this PS3 being auctioned by funked1977. I placed my bid and waited. Looking on how the bidding was unfolding, I had gut feeling that something was wrong when I realised that there might have been a case of shill bidding but you know how it is, you want the item and you get carried away.

Anyway, I did not manage to get the item and I thought the story would finish there, better luck next time. But no! I instantly got a second chance offer which seemed to be too good to be true. I received this second chance offer through normal channels of Ebay that is in My Messages. I doubted still so I sent it off to Ebay to check whether it was genuine. The reply from Ebay was that yes this second chance offer was genuine. So I accepted the second chance offer. I paid 325 english pounds for the item and 25 sterling for postage. I sent the payment through Paypal and waited for a day to hear something from the seller. When I did not I decided to contact them. Did they answer? Hell no. But it did not worry me too much as everybody could have internet problems etc. So I waited another day and sent another email to check whether payment was received and when to expect the item would be posted. I received an email through a blackberry phone and not through the normal Ebay channels. Funked1977 had problems with internet and they could not get back to me, they had received the payment and item should be sent off soon. I thanked them for their email and asked to send me a tracking a number when they post item.

I waited for some days and received no answer from them. After some more insistent emails where I hinted that I was feeling that they were trying to be evasive and hoped that this was not a scam. They replied that there had been a death in the family and that the item had been posted off by a family friend. I asked for a tracking number once, twice, three reply from then on.

I resorted to Paypal dispute centre. I emailed them through Paypal and they did not reply.

In the meantime I realised as I had been checking the member's regisration everyday that funked1977 was no longer registered with Ebay. Ebay had also delisted all the items of this members and had cancelled and withdrawn even the items of that this member had already sold. Now you can imagine my panic.

I escalated to a paypal claim. Finally they replied through Paypal with a fake tracking number, it was so blatantly obvious that it was a fake for someone like me who has been buying items off Ebay and receiving them through Royal Mail. Finally after a month had passed since my sending of the Paypal payment, I finally received a positive answer from Paypal. Thank you Paypal you really came through for me regardless of whatever others say. I will continue using Paypal for all my transactions on Ebay or not whenever possible. By the way I do not have a commission from Paypal for all this positive feedback but they always came through for me.

But the story does not end there. Two weeks after i had a refund, I received an unpaid item notice from Ebay. funked 1977 was back as a member on Ebay!!!!!!!!! How could ebay have allowed this seller back after such blatant misuse of its services????? For those who are not familiar with an unpaid item notice, it gives only two choices whether you agree that there was a mutual agreement between you as buyer and the seller that the transaction is terminated or whether you disagree. I did not want to have anything to do with this seller anymore, so I agreed that we had arrived to a mutual agreement to retract this transaction and left negative feedback for the seller. It was up to Ebay whether they wanted to recompensate his listing expenses or not. But Ebay I ask you? How can you allow such sellers who have scammed not only one member but several others to register again. For those of you who want to check you can look up both my profile and that of funked1977.

I do not wish this seller any personal harm in writing this guide. I just wanted other buyers to be aware that a high positive feedback and a long time registration with Ebay do not always mean you will have a smooth transaction. So buyers beware!

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