So you have a dog like mine? Toughest toy tips & ideas!

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I am a BzzAgent, writing this guide as part of my latest BzzCampaign :-)

So, you have a dog like mine?  He destroys toys in the blink of an eye?  Fluffy foxy is now reduced to a one-legged shell with no stuffing?  Yep... you have a dog like mine!!

I've had three years to deduce which toys are going to stand up to those German Shepherd razor teeth, and the answer is.... NOT MANY!

There are only 3 commercial toys that have withstood my terror's teeth...
One being an original Kong (but that may be because he's never been terribly interested in it!).
Two being a bargain Good Boy rubber dinosaur head that I got for two quid in a sale... best buy ever... this is his chosen toy to be stuffed with treats, so I'm sure that's why he's decided to let this one 'live'!
Three being a 'boomer' ball acquired as a spur of the moment purchase last year on holiday... this is a tough hard plastic ball that you buy a little too large so dog cannot pick it up. dog has developed a hinge-topped-lid & can suddenly open his mouth wide enough to accomodate his ball!  Nevertheless, so far it has still been a million percent hound-proof  (although my garden & contents have majorly suffered as a consequence of said ball, due to it being smashed into flower pots, dug in & out of gravel & pebble borders... you get the picture... a bitter/sweet victory really!)

I have yet to try Kong Extreme toys, but given his lack of interest & preference for his dinosaur head, I shall probably save my pennies to replace all my smashed flower pots instead!

However, we also have 3 ingenious non-dog-toy 'toys' that we happened upon by total accident, that have been a huge success... all cheap or free, so if Fido does exterminate them, well, it doesn't really matter!

We picked up an old car tyre that someone had slung in the middle of a grass verge opposite our house...  Superdog absolutely adores it and spends hours rolling it, digging it, and throwing & carrying it around the garden.... Happy days!  Not so great if he decides to water it first though... has had to be washed a fair few times ;-)

Second accidental toy was an empty 2 Litre pop bottle he pinched out of the rubbish! Decided to fill it up with water for him, which made a fab temporary (& free) toy & cooler-downer on a hot summers day!

Lastly, any old tea towels, t-shirts,  etc can be twisted & knotted as robustly as you choose, to make a new-and-exciting-to-dog tuggers!  When the shredding starts, just chuck away and start again...  and it's freeeee!

Well, that's it for now... but I'm still looking, and finding out what works and what doesn't with our destructive furball.   Hope my tips may help someone :-)

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