Solar Cover Maintenance

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Solar Cover Care

All covers must be stored in a shaded area out of direct sunlight. Never left out in direct sunlight whilst folded or wound onto a roller. The heat generated by the sun will be magnified many times, causing the degradation of the material, the results may not be immediate but they can be very serious.
The effects will be, very high heat concentrated inside the cover material, leading to the air in the bubbles expanding and forcing apart the laminated area’s causing the bubbles to join making stripes of bigger bubbles. This in itself is not life threatening unless repeated constantly. The cover can also become so hot it becomes molten and will weld itself together, thus destroying itself, or lines of degraded bubbles appear across the pool cover.
Most fabricators and suppliers of pool covers supply a white or silver solar protector sheet / cover that will help protect the cover against the harmful rays and heat of the sun.Cleaning and Storage

Cleaning and Storage

A clean, highly transmissive solar blanket is more efficient than a darker, dirtier one. Cleaning will allow more of the sun's rays to pass through the blanket to heat your pool water at all depths. Use a chemically safe solar blanket cleaner with water and a soft brush as prescribed by your pool dealer. To keep your pool cleaner, hose off the dirt and leaves from the floating blanket directly into the pool skimmer.
Before storing the blanket, clean it and allow it to dry thoroughly to prevent mildew. Fold it on the seams and roll it from one end. Place the blanket in a clean, dry, rodent-free area where temperatures will not reach 120 degrees F. To prolong the life of your blanket, it should be removed from the pool during the winter months and replaced by a winter cover to keep your pool clean. Reel System

Reel Systems

The use of a reel system will make the process of covering and uncovering your swimming pool easier and faster and also helps to prevent the life of your solar cover as the weight of the cover is distributed evenly over the reel straps when uncovering the pool. To decide upon the most suitable reel system for your requirements, you must first decide if you would like manual or automatic then decide whether you wish for the reel to be fixed (either floor or wall) or mobile. After making these decisions you should be able to select a suitable reel from our online store. If you would like further assistance in making a decision on your reel, please contact our sales team.

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