Sold out perfumes !

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Do not believe when the seller says that the perfume is out of stock at shops, it may be sold out  in the actual shop but try online to see if they still have it.

I recently done a search for Jade Goody's perfume SHH and found that most sellers were stating that the perfume had sold out and "rare", hard to get a hold of ..

I checked  The perfume Shop online and found that i could order a bottle for £19.99 rather than paying the £30 or more that seems to be the price on e-bay after bidding.

This has happened before remember that sellers are wanting you to pay as much as possible for maximum profit to them  and cost to you.

If a perfume is as stated "out of stock" on e-bay do a search and see if you can get it at an online shop, you never know you might be getting it cheaper...a lot cheaper



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