Soldering headphone cables

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The thin wires inside most headphone cables are coated in an insulating material which is supposed to burn off when heated during soldering. You can solder them without getting the insulation of, but it's hard to get a good solder joint and one that lasts. Burning gets the coating off, but leaves nasty carbon behind; another obstacle to a decent solder joint.
I don't bother with the original cables these days, despite what the manufacturers say, they aren't as good as the cable used in studio applications (Mogami, Van Damme etc.). Problem with some headphones is that they now fit custom plugs, hence my line in selling replacement ones.
If replacement cables are too expensive and you want to repair your own, either scape off the coating on all the bare ends using a fine file or glass paper, or burn the ends and then scrape off.
Then apply some flux to the ends before tinning them all first. If fitting to a new 3.5mm or 6.3mm plug, the copper coloured wires can be joined together at the plug end. The green wire is connected to the centre pin and red to the middle pin. It does work, it's just a pain.
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