Solid silver headjoints.

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The standard student flutes of today by respected makers are really very good compared to a few years ago.Fierce competition has forced the makers to apply  better specifications  such as shaped emboucheres  and balanced key actions by hand tensioning the springs like they do on proffessional flutes.One of the most important factors is the Headjoint and  the metal the headjoint is made from.
The normal silverplated  nickel headjoints are not easy to play on the high notes and this is because they vibrate.Silver does not vibrate and the sound is smoother.
The size of the embouchere is important and also the dimensions of the blowing edge and the way the undercutting is applied all effect the ease of playability.
To summarise:  A really good headjoint on a good student flute is a pratical option to improve your sound and technique. Flute shops will be happy for you to try Silver headjoints on your existing flute.  Sterling  silver Headjoints can be bought on ebay a very low prices compared to retail  shops  so if you buy one and it not quite what you want it will be easy to sell on.  I have obtained my best Headjoints and flutes on ebay
but I have also had some bummers , but thats part of the Ebay game.Its all a bit of fun.
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