Something smells funny you say? I think it may be eBay!

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The trials of a new eBay seller - part 1 (of many... (probably..))

For many years i have been an eBay seller - yet after losing access to my email account, eBay made me sign up for a new ID..

Ok i thought - over 6000+ feedback but a fresh start might do me some good.

Everything ran smooth through the sign-up process, no problems at all.

I listed many items in the first month, all successful transactions - payments received, items sent, feedback gained etc..

Then suddenly (cue grim sound effects) - every item i sell through eBay with payment received via paypal has a 'hold' on it for 21 days.

This means i have sold over £400 of items in the last week to go towards a deposit on a new home - yet paypal wont let me withdraw the cash for 21 days!.. "if your buyer doesn't complain within 21 days we will release the cash" - yea, absolutely wonderful - i am expected to send hundreds of pounds worth of equipment in the hope that paypal may decide to give me payment?

Crazy world we live in - im sorry to my buyers - all refunds have been sent.

If an eBay or Paypal representative would like to call me to discuss this, i am available anytime - you will find me on top of your mother!

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