Sonic The Hedgehog on mega drive

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This game is a classic from 1991 which is loved by many and one of the highest selling games of all time and this is not a surprise the game has great replay value and long scenes with 6 tremendous scenes each with three acts plus the final boss which results in 19 levels total. There are many cheats to enhance this game further, if this game is placed inside sonic+knuckles hidden bonus levels are found that did not make the game, there are well over 1000 special stages however I haven't played these all but what I have played was very good.
There is one character and the graphics are surprisingly good and are nearly as good as the graphics from some games as recent as 1999 or even 2005 as this was re-released on the playstation 2,gamecube and xbox in a collection known as sonic mega collection+.
The game cannot be saved and is very difficult to complete but extremely satisfying when you complete the game. The game has a special ending if all seven emeralds are completed. To get an emerald an act must be completed with 50 rings and a large ring will appear if you jump into this a special stage will appear and the emerald can be found in this stage.
This is a classic which is full of great music,exciting bosses challenging gameplay,adequate graphics and a high replay value I reccomend this game to any retro gamer.

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