Sony A99v & NEW A99II - DSLT a DSLR with electronic viewfinder?

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When is a DSLR not a DSLR BUT BETTER!

Hi, minolta4me-kevin here,
For several years I have been collecting Minolta camera equipment, that led me to Konica Minolta digital cameras and then to there inheritior Sony digital cameras. My route via 7D  APS-C and A8500 full frame.... led me to the A99v.
I had always shied away from a camera without a viewfinder, but was not sure an electronic Eye Level Viewfinder was ever going to do kit for me. I remember old Video camcorders with pull out screens and terrible small grainy electronic ELV. I loved my full frame A850 but missed a screen on the back. So I took the plunge and NEVER REGRETTED IT! The difference a TILTING articulated screen with  LIVE VIEW is amazing. The Eye Level Viewfinder EQUALLY as brilliant. That WAS the only reservation I had, the EXTREMELY full spec Digital Single Lens Translucent camera exceed expectations in EVERY other aspec. I am able to use my Minolta and Sony full frame [35mm film] Alpha AF lenses [even my APS-C ones should the fancy take me]. I have backwards compatibility to my Wireless
Minolta flashes and should I ever win the lottery I could start using Zeiss lenses!
If you want EXCEPTIONAL spec and BIG BANGS FOR YOUR BUCKS I advise you to get your hands on one of these, WHILE THEY ARE STILL AVAILABLE.  My guess is that Sony threw everything they could at this camera and spared no expense in the hope it would attract the professional photographers [I used to be one] but like Minolta before them Sony falls foul of the inertia of the pro, to stick with what they know Canon and Nikon. Only the "Support" those two offer the pro is relevant, but even that is not what it was. After all Sony AND Ziess are an amazing combination... so much so that Hasselblad cloaked a Sony A99v in a Hasselblad armour in the HV camera. Much as Minolta and Leica agreed on mutual collaboration, so have Sony and Hassleblad. Their latest X1 camera own much to the lessons learned by both.  Now those with a Sony A99 have an upgrade or the assurance of a NEW body the Sony A99ii or Mk.II.
So all those amazing lenses and flash can continue to be used on a new body... or when they become available second hand an upgrade with 4K video as well!   
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