Sony Alpha / Camcorder battery guide & Q&A on battery.

Like if this guide is helpful

Ok this is just a simple guide on making sure you get the right battery for your Alpha DSLR or Sony Camcorder & General battery infomation

Since sony is a massive company who produce the Alpha Digtal SLR and Several types of camcorder products it also produces a huge amount of battery variants in the process.

Now to save confusion in some auctions seller's say a battery is compatiable with a certain model when it is not

Here is the current used Alpha batts and what they belong to

FM500H Series M - Alpha Camera model's A700,A300,A200,A100 , A500 , A550, A450 , A850 , A900 (New alpha Models like A800 will use this battery aswell) Sony Alpha FM500H (click link to see battery)

NP-FH50 series H - Alpha Camera model's - A230 , A330 , A380 (it is rumored the new Alpha A260 which is an A230 with HD video and Live view may also make use of this battery) Sony Alpha NP-FH50

Series confusion clear up

if you own an Alpha you may already know series the battery is but it actually makes little point having a series number it's more for sony than anyone else, and both the FM500H and NP-FH50 have been in the market for around the same time the FM500H is popluar with high end / Intermediate Alpha's while the FH50 is aimed at the lower end alpha's , Camcorder's and compact camera's like the new HX-1.

Q: Are both batteries popluar

A: Absoultely , even though for the more serious photographer or video editor both the FH50 and FM500H can cause annoyance , the FM500H because of long charge times and the FH50 because it runs out to quickly when used with camcorders. but that aside both batteries are likely to be around for the next few years ethier 3rd party or offical.

Q: You dont mention my camera/camera in this guide

A : Simple answer there are to many camcorders to mention here , the best way like anyone will tell you is to look at the battery it'self it should be clearly indicated especially on sony camcorders and alpha's it will likely in most models from 06 on will likely be in NP format

Q: Are new variant's likely to replace the current battery's

A: Unfornately yes in the case of the NP-FH50 it's going to get a new variant in the form of series V and is know NP-FV50 now there is no difference between this and the FH50 but the power voltages are different so it does not work with any of the current alpha models.

Q: What is actiforce & Infolitium

A: Actiforce is sony tech and infomation on it is rather limited but Infolitium is quite easy to understand , according to sony they say infolit is used to accurately send infomation to the camera or Camcorder to display remaining battery power.

sorry if this is a little untidy it's my first guide attempt


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