Sony DSC-RX100 Vs. Sony NEX-7

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Researching digital cameras is often scary for shoppers. There are a wide variety of innovations to mull over and each offering is different from the next. The DSC-RX100 and NEX-7 are suitable for cutting edge camera enthusiasts and camera enthusiasts alike. The DSC-RX100 gets the nod for professional photography and rises above with its sophisticated SLR mechanism, while the NEX-7 gets noticed for its high camera sensor resolution and is the one for candid photography.
Sony DSC-RX100 Sony NEX-7
Features Sony DSC-RX100 Sony NEX-7
Height 5.81 cm 2.63 cm
Weight 213 gr 291 gr
Exterior Color Black Black
Screen Diagonal Size 3" 3"
Digital Camera Type Compact Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens
Digital Cameras_Sensor Resolution 20.2 MP 24.3 MP
Width 10.16 cm 4.72 cm
Digital Zoom 14x 10x
Max Resolution Video 1920 x 1080 1920 x 1080
Depth 3.59 cm 1.68 cm
Optical Zoom 3.6x Not Specified
Screen Technology LCD Not Specified
Focal Length Equivalent to 35mm Camera Not Specified 27 - 82.5 mm
Lens System Not Specified Body Only;18-55mm
Flash Type Not Specified Built-In
Focal Length Not Specified 16mm - 18mm

Sony DSC-RX100

The DSC-RX100 sports a 20.2 MP camera resolution, so you can capture your memories in stunning detail. In addition, you can take your pick of professional quality lenses thanks to its SLR design. The DSC-RX100's 1080p HD video lets you shoot videos suitable for high-definition viewing. Moreover, it features a 6x optical zoom, so you can take close-up shots from far away. Take pleasure in an expansive viewing area thanks to its 3-inch screen size.

Sony NEX-7

The NEX-7 sports a 24.3 MP camera sensor resolution, so you can create impressive image enlargements. Furthermore, you can capture a sequence of shots for fast-moving subjects thanks to its 10 fps continuous shooting. Its built-in flash lets you take good pictures even in low-light conditions. What's more, the NEX-7 features 1080p HD video, so you can create digital video in true high-definition. You can hook up to your high-definition video equipment thanks to its HDMI connection. Beyond that, its 3-inch screen size lets you see everything clearly without straining.

Comparing the Sony DSC-RX100 Vs Sony NEX-7

All in all, the NEX-7 leads the way and is the one to pick for home theatre and candid photography. The NEX-7 features a 20% greater camera resolution, so you can make better image enlargements with more detail. What's more, its built-in flash enables you to enjoy greater versatility for indoor photography. Plus, you can connect to your high-definition media centre with much less hassle thanks to its HDMI connection. Not to be out-done however, the DSC-RX100 has an SLR design, allowing you to enjoy a much greater variety of lens options. Also, you can hold it steady for longer during extended photo shoots thanks to the DSC-RX100's 27% lighter weight. Beyond that, the DSC-RX100 matches up with a powerful optical zoom, an ample screen size, and impressive HD video. Therefore, it is great for professional photography and travel photography.

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