Sony Ericsson K800I - To Buy or Not To Buy

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Well I recently purchased the Sony Ericsson K800I off eBay, after listing my Nokia 6500 Classic 3 times, and the final time the buyer didn't pay! Anyway, this phone is very good - I payed £105 with postage, for it new and 'unlocked'. The seller said it was 'factory born' 'Unlocked' when the fact is, when I turned it on, a 3 Network start-up screen came, and there was a "Planet 3" shortcut in standby and in the menu. It did work on all other networks, T-Mobile being mine, but the signal never said 3G, but I did try video calling and it worked, everything was working fine, I got rid of the start-up screen, but the turning off screen is still 3 and the 2 shortcuts still exist, but that doesn't matter, I put the Web'n'Walk on it so when I load planet 3, I select Go to Web'n'walk and it takes me to it straight away, the signal isn't at the lowest bar, its at the highest blue bar, but it doesn't say 3G in small in the top left corner, it will probably on the 3 network, but now the phone features; The battery life lasts about 2 days, maybe 2 and a half, which is good for me; Now the main features;

Camera -  A 3.2 Megapixel Camera with the popular Xenon Flash, for day quality pictures, at night. I have to say the camera is Immaculate, Perfect, Powerful, Outstanding. what more words you want!? lol. I mean its strong, resolution is fantastic, it almost beats my 7MP Samsung digital camera!

The Auto-Focus helps it a lot, great camera, best camera in fact, in any phone I've had so far (over 50), well its got more colour than my old N73's camera!

The Sound Quality/Music Player - Now the sound quality is a bit low, but put in headphones and everythings fine, when it rings its loud though, just when your playing songs out loud its not so loud, but great easy music player.

The Radio - the radio is fantastic, it tells the station name and finds and saves stations automatically for you, I went to 107.5, and it said ChoiceFM straight away and saved it.

Multimedia and Applications - They're all good and useful, loving the organiser and stuff, the face warp is very funny, games are good.. alarm.. stopwatch, all basic things, its got Interactive, PhotoDJ VideoDJ and MusicDJ or something, good file organising system.

Most things about it are great

Now its time for the bad points:

1. The fact that the phone wasnt Born unlocked - BUT IT HAD NO BRAND AT FRONT - SAID CYBERSHOT. But when you are buying phones 'unlocked' make sure they're sim free, always ask the seller before buying, make sure you have a statement from them saying it is, i have one from mine, but i cant be bothered to return the phone and refund and stuff, too long.

2. The software for the phone makes Windows Vista run slower, when I plug the phone into my vista laptop, it slows it down and the laptop freezes and all applications freeze, it lags it very much.

3. Also the battery life of the phone could be a bit longer, but thats a minor bad thing.

4. The camera lense cover did get a little scratched after a few days, so I bought a silicone case for the phone, and a screen protector, which I didnt know how to put on, didnt work and I put it in the bin.

5. Removing the sim card can be a bit hard, annoying and stressful, but you do it in the end.

But yes, thats all the minors I can think off really, apart from those, the phone = perfect.

Also I bought a 1GB Sony M2 memory stick for it for 6.99 new with p&p from ebay, works great with all my music!

Thats a review from me!  -Written in 4 minutes, by a 15 year old me - Thanks for reading! - Peter.

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