Sony Ericsson K800i Detailed Review

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28th October 2007

Sony Ericsson K800i Personal  Review

The 1st in the Cyber Shot mobile phone series and winner of the Mobile News ‘handset of the year’ award for 2006..

The K800i was used by Daniel Craig as James Bond in Casino Royal.....

I have had the phone now for almost a year,still serving my 18month contract with T-Mobile.
When i was in the phone shop i never actually intended to buy a K800i, knowing little about it at the time i was going to buy a phone for its looks, but when i saw the K800i it just looked PROFESSIONAL, STYLISH, and very WELL MADE, the large screen and 3.2 mega pixel camera was enough for me to want it...

Still today i love my phone simply because it has everything i need.... in the past i had always been with Nokia  because of their looks,simple menus and  navigational ways around the phone but when i tried
Sony Ericsson i had this and much much more in ways such as i can customize my phone to how i want it....


(These are JAR files which you can download and put on to the phone simply via USB/Bluetooth)

KD PLAYER- a nice looking application to play video and mp3 files on the K800i

HP PRINT- Pre-installed on the K800i enables you to view and print your photos to your pc

DEAL OR NO DEAL- mobile game very similar to the TV show, even better then the online version of the popular game.

BRAINTEASER- Tests your maths skills with a timer as you add the numbers it shows on screen. great game (until you get to level 4 hehe)

CUSTOM THEMES- these are very nice, you can change the look and feel of your phone to basically anything you like, you can also create your own themes by downloading the SE Theme Maker.

The K800i brand new is currently retailed, network depending at around just £90-£150... here on eBay you may find some cheaper.


CYBERSHOT- this is a built in application in the phone which it can capture fast & most detailed movements when you take a picture. other 3mega pixel camera phones are not as good....

BEST PIC- is an amazing feature which takes nine individual shots every time the capture button is pressed, so you can chose your best picture.
EXPANDABLE MEMORY- i use a 1GIG Sandisk memory card (M2) and that is more then enough for me i can put endless apps, photos videos and music on my phone, i love it :)

* Since Cyber-shot camera phones were introduced in 2006, more than 4.5 million handsets have been sold worldwide.

* Best 3GSM Handset at the GSM Association's Global Mobile Awards 2007

I Highly recommend this phone if you want value for your money..

Thank you for reading

from Shane

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