Sony Ericsson P900/P910 Housing Change Guide

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This is a guide for changing the front and rear housing on a Sony Ericsson P900 or P910 phone. To do this you will need a Torx T6 screwdriver.

1) Remove parts from the phone: the battery cover, stylus, and battery.

2) For keypad removal, there is a cover on the flip at the bottom of the phone - unclip this and remove.

3) On the bottom of the phone, where the last part has been removed are two screws. Undo these screws which will release the flip.

4) The front/chassis is held in by four screws. The can be located on the rear of the phone now, two to the top and two to the bottom corners. The ones at the top are protected by rubber bungs which easily can be removed.

5) Using a plastic shim, carefully use it to lever the phone open. It is better to start from one of the bottom corners in order to get a better purchase.

6) The installation is just a reverse of these steps with using the new parts.
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