Sony Ericsson T68/T68i Housing Change Guide

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This is quick and easy guide to changing the housing on the Sony Ericsson T68i. You will need a Torx T6 screwdriver in order to remove the existing housing.


1) Remove the battery, and the SIM card from the rear of the phone.

2) The aerial cover (above the battery contacts) needs to be removed. This can be achieved by inserting a plastic shim underneath and apply some upward pressure, which should slide it off.

3) This exposes all the Torx screws. There are four in total, each near the corners of the rear of the phone. Use the screwdriver to remove these, making sure to keep them safe.

4) The front housing can be removed. It clips onto the chassis so slight pressure on the clips allow this to be removed.

5) To fit the new housing, these steps should be reversed. Make sure to transfer the vibra motor and IR shield from the original front housing to the new housing (if required).
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