Sony Ericsson W880i

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I am a dedicated SE fan and this is just the smartest phone i have had from the range.
I have had a t610 K700 K750 K610 W810i K800i and now the W880i.
Out of all the phones the K800i was probably the best but for style and build quality it is hard to fault the W880i.
Even though it is incredibly thin (I still cannot believe they managed to squeeze everything in) it is remarkably well constructed with a steel front and tough plastic back which in itself is a touch of genius as it is coated with a very tactile non slip surface (you can set it on the dash of your car and it wont slip off).
I think it looks well in either the traditional Walkman black and orange of in its stainless steel guise although the more fashion concious will probably go for the stainless look.
Just on the level of gadgets fitted into this sliver of tech i have to say well done SE. Even though the cam is a 2MP it still produces a clear sharp picture and the bluetooth is the easiest to use that i have found in a mobile (unlike Motorolas attempt which is damn near impossible to operate)
The trademark Walkman gubbins leaves this a respectable replacement for those who dont wish to carry an Ipod alongside their phone as it makes a fairly decent job of music playback and with a, usually bundled, 1GB M2 memory card there is ample room for songs, pictures, ringtones etc.
The only drawback i could find was that the number keys are a bit on the small side if your digits resemble small sausages but they are still perfectly usable for the majority.
Finally and i think this makes SE phones so likeable is the ability to change Themes at the touch of a button. Themes are a way to customise how each page of your screen looks and there are thousands freely available to download and install on your phone. The ultimate customization.

Throw away your Nokia, Ditch the Moto and sling the Samsung. SE has got everything right with its range and there is a phone to suit all. Highly recommended to all.
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