Sony Ericsson k750i - Dodgy Thumbsticks

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Sony Ericsson phones have been my phone of choice for about 3 years now. They have the lead on Nokia, Samsung etc on phone design and actual phone software in my opinion. When I bought the k750i on contract I was quite surprised with how far they had gone with this phone. The screen display was amazing, the MP3 player top quality, a 2 megapixel camera and so on. But after 8 months, the thumbstick control became a little sticky. It became difficult to navigate through menus and to read messages.  A month on and the thumbstick became totally redundant, it just stopped working completely. Now it is impossible to read text messages longer than one page, you cant use the shortcut options, meaning you cant use the light, bluetooth function, and many other features located there, and its virtually impossible to change any of your phones settings.

This was extrememly frustrating so I contacted Sony Ericsson asking what could be done. They told me to send it off to be examined, but if I was found guilty of causing the problem, I would have to pay for the repairs myself. Needless to say I never sent it. I didn't cause the problem but I didnt want to go up against a company the size of Sony trying to prove i didn't. A friend of mine had the same phone about 3 months after I did and funnily enough the same has  happened to his. He has contacted them too and has received the same answer I did. It appears Sony Ericsson are in full denial over the fact that their otherwise excellent product has a rather large flaw which renders the phone 50% unusable.

So please look very carefully when buying this particular model of phone on Ebay, even ask the question of the seller whether this particular function actually still works. Take it from me, if you bought one of these and it didn't work, you'll be tearing your hair out in no time!!

Edited 26.09.06

I have since found out that you can get this fault repaired at any Carphone Warehouse for a fixed fee of £40. Hope this is helpful.

Edited 14.10.06

I sent my handset to Carphone Warehouse to be repaired for the agreed price of £40. I was given a 2 week turnaround time. They contacted me in under 2  weeks saying my phone was ready for collection. Upon collection they informed me that my handset was irrepairable so they had replaced it with a brand new one with a 90 day warranty. I highly recommend this service for K750i's with this particular problem as £40 for a brand new replacement handset is very good value.

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