Sony PS3 - Don't get stung!

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Hi, I am an experienced ebayer but have never taken the time to write a guide (well I did once about a game I thought was pretty good) but today I feel as though I should inform as many people as possible about the big risk with pre-ordering PS3's.

This console will be huge and it is extremely likely that there will be a shortfall in the number of stocks that are avaliable in Europe. Some websites and ebay sellers are already offering pre-orders on the consoles, this is rubbish, as although sony have released an expected rrp for the PS3 in november they have not confirmed it in stone, and the trade distributors who have the sole rights to distribute the PS3 console in the UK have not confirmed any trade price yet either. *

Therefore when you see ads saying "we have 100 confirmed units" -they dont. Unless they have a mate who works at the distribution depo and in which case they would probably get you into trouble.

Therefore WAIT! By all means register your interest for a PS3 console, as this is free (or should be, ours at DB's is free) and then wait until you get conformed information before you commit any money.

By all means register your interest with us, as it costs nothing, just visit our website or register it anywhere else, just hold off sending money!

Check out our ABOUT US PAGE for more info on us and our website!


*All details correct at time of print.

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