Sony Playstation 3 - v - Xbox 360

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Okay, I've had a Nintendo Wii since about Aug last year. It's a good machine with some great games. I was offered the opportunity to buy a PS3/Xbox360 on the back of a mobile phone contract and after comparing the PS3 to the Xbox 360, I finally settled on the PS3 for a number of reasons. The machine itself is amazingly quiet, its probably the single most important selling point over the Xbox, you can hear the disc reading and thats about it and trust me when I say you have to listen carefully for that. It comes with blu-ray, so no need to buy a seperate player and playback on blu-ray is great, I've tried it with several movies now and the quality is amazing. It's more reliable than the Xbox 360, at least from all the reviews I've read, not found any mentions of PS3 problems and the Xbox 360 seems to be a bit hit and miss at times. I personally know several friends who have had issues with their Xboxes. The PS3 machine itself runs reasonably cool, even after a few hours.. It's build quality is exceptional, it's very well put together. Apparently DivX support will arrive soon and the viabrate/feedback wireless controllers have just arrived. I am led to believe that you can easily add a 120Gb new hard drive and replace the existing one without invalidating your warranty. OK so it doesn't have as many games as the Xbox 360 (yet) and most of the games are ported from the 360, however I think over the coming Year we'll see loads more. Games I've played so far are Lego Star Wars - The complete Saga, Assassins Creed and Drakes Fortune and gaming is every bit as impressive as you can imagine. I have connected my PSP to my PS3 now, which means I can access my PS3 from anywhere in the world and even more amazing my PC,s hard drive including music, photos etc and they are situated at different ends of my house some 60ft apart, this is done by way of my wireless modem. Worth a mention aswell is the folding at home which I won't go into in this review, but if your looking at a PS3 research it, I think you'll be as amazed as I am. It's got innovation like the Wii with the tilt controller for driving games and the new eye cam. Blu-ray incidentally is now Warner, Paramount and Disney exclusive so I see HD falling by the way side very soon a bit like beta-max videos did.

In a nutshell - I'm absolutely made up with my choice of PS3 over the Xbox and to be honest it does compliment my Wii by way of a different gaming experience.The Wii is more family fun, whereas the PS3 is great for online and solo play. Both machines are excellent in their own way.
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