Sony Playstation Console SCPH-1002 Audiophile model

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Sony Playstation Console SCPH-1002

This is a guide to the first model of the Playstation 1 console released - model number SCPH-1002. Very popular because of the RCA (component) outputs on the console. As this was the first console this model has many outputs that were removed from later models.

You can see all the input/output sockets in the photo below:

Rather than using the included aerial lead you can use standard component av leads to get a superior picture and stereo sound on your tv.

You can see on the photo below of the last model of this shape (scph-9002) that only the A/V and Link ports remained:

The red box shows that even the parallel port has been removed so add on's like external mod chips could no longer be used.

You can buy a link cable to join two consoles together (you'll need them set up on two separete TV's) and play against your opponent with certain games like racing or football.  The internal software changed slightly with the newer models too - with the newer ones having a more advanced looking interface for playing CD's and copying/editing your memory cards.

I have noticed the earlier SCPH-1002 does have a tendancy to yellow and change colour with time so finding a mint one is quite rare!

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