Sony Vaio Hotkeys, Screen Brightness & PowerPanel

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I am writing this guide to help people looking for information on setting up the 'Hotkeys' on various Sony Vaio laptops. The 'Hotkeys' are secondary functions that are symbolised in blue on your laptop keyboard across various F-keys. The 'Hotkeys' are accessed in conjunction with the FN key. These functions control basic but essential settings such as screen brightness, volume levels, monitor out etc etc.

I recently needed to setup the hotkeys on a Sony Vaio Z505AP laptop following a fresh install. I spent quite a time searching for information & drivers across various websites & forums. It quickly became apparent that a lot of people were having problems with the same task so I felt writing this guide would be helpful to others & save them alot of time.

The process will vary from each Vaio model but this should hopefully save you a lot of time and make the task easier. For the two Vaio models (Z505AP & Z600LEK) I recently set the Hotkeys up on, the process is similar and the theory the same.


To get the Hotkeys working your Vaio laptop requires THREE different components/sets of software installed, these are:

'Hotkey drivers'
'Sony Shared Library'
'Sony Utils'

Once you install these three components & restart your Vaio laptop your Hotkeys should be working. These are all unobtrusive files that will only enhance your Vaio machine however alternatively you can install Sony's Powerpanel or Batteryscope programs to perform the similar features.

Most these files are written for specific Vaio models however there is some overlapping and files from similar Vaio models may work with your own laptop.


There are various online resources relating to this topic however the best place to find these files is the one below.

Using that site, find your model number & download the relevant 'Utilities' file. You might also find useful the link below, which may help with this task and/or others (including RAM upgrade advice etc)

It took many reinstalls to work out the order and what programmes needed to be installed to get the hotkeys working & I purposefully took hours doing so, noting each step I made so this guide could be written and save time for others.

This guide has been written and created by Peter Shaw. My Ebay User ID is SFFPCS & my listings can be accessed as nromal through eBay or directly through the domain name (which  redirects to eBay) www.  


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