Sony Vita Vs. Sony PSP-1000

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Some shoppers realise that shopping for video game consoles can sometimes be a chore. They find a huge number of choices to consider and each model can be subtly different. The Vita and PSP-1000 are both good choices for families and teenagers alike. The Vita turns heads with its ample screen size, while the PSP-1000 is the one for online gaming and gets noticed for its Wi-Fi.
Sony Vita Sony PSP-1000
Features Sony Vita Sony PSP-1000
Graphics Memory Capacity 128 MB 2 MB
Height 2 cm 7 cm
Console Ram 512 MB 32 MB
Weight 279 gr;260 gr 280 gr
Console Color White;Crystal Black;Black White;Silver;Pink;Metallic Blue;Gold Champagne;Ceramic White;Black
Screen Display Type OLED TFT;LCD
CPU ARM Cortex - A9 core (4 core);AMD Cortex A9 MIPS R4000
Display Resolution (n x n) 960 x 544 480 x 272
Console Display Size 5 in. 4.3 in.
VGC Product Type Handheld System;Handheld Handheld System
Product Name Sony PlayStation Vita Sony PSP 1000
Product Line Sony PlayStation Sony PSP
Width 18.2 cm 17.01 cm;17 cm
Integrated Flash Memory 512 MB 32 MB
Depth 8 cm 2 cm
Enclosure Material Not Specified Plastic
Display Color_Support Not Specified 24-Bit (16.7 Million Colours
Hard Drive Cache Not Specified 4 MB
Console Ram Technology Not Specified SDRAM
Console CPU Speed Not Specified 333 MHz

Sony Vita

The Vita features a 960 x 544 pixel screen resolution, so you can look at sharp game images. In addition, you can enjoy a large vibrant viewing area thanks to the Vita's 5-inch screen size. Its 512 MB RAM capacity helps you watch gaming performance improve. Moreover, it boasts a 512 MB storage capacity, so you can keep your entire family's favourite games and saved games.

Sony PSP-1000

The PSP-1000 has a 480 x 272 pixel screen resolution, so you can take advantage of detailed game graphics. Plus, you can feast your eyes on wide format images thanks to the PSP-1000's 4.3-inch screen size. Its Wi-Fi enables you to play games against virtual opponents online. What's more, it features a 333 MHz processor speed, allowing you to immerse yourself in intensive gaming experiences. Delight in fast and responsive system performance thanks to the PSP-1000's 32 MB RAM capacity. In addition, its 32 MB storage capacity enables you to save all of your game titles and game settings.

Comparing the Sony Vita Vs Sony PSP-1000

All in all, the Vita exceeds expectations. The Vita has a higher screen resolution, allowing you to view crisper text and graphics. Furthermore, the Vita's 16% larger screen size lets you benefit from a wider viewing area for gaming. Also, you can benefit from faster gaming performance thanks to its larger available RAM capacity. What's more, it boasts a larger available storage capacity, so you can store more games. On the other hand, the PSP-1000 features Wi-Fi, allowing you to enjoy easier access to Internet services. Furthermore, the PSP-1000 does well with a fast processor speed. Hence, the PSP-1000 is great for online gaming.

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