Sony Z Z1 Guide to Genuine Magnetic Chargers

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Hi,advice to help bidders to be aware that

Sony worldwide has....
{a} Never Ever  manufactured  a Magnetic Charging Cable,  
(b)Sony does manufacture Magnetic Docks on for Xperia Z and the Z1 

(a)Sony Magnetic Charging Cable

I have seen many advertised in the listings some claiming to be original & genuine this in not true.
Some traders are selling with a photograph of a box with the cable.When the EAN 13 digit reference number 7311271432777 on this box,when is typed into Google it matches the reference number of their Genuine Magnetic Charging Dock  DK30 for Xperia Z,nothing to do with the so called genuine original cable.
All  cables are manufactured by a 3rd party all I guess do the job, some are made better than others.

(b)Sony Magnetic Docks 

Now the docks for Xperia Z (DK30) and Z1(DK31)  that are manufactured by Sony.
The genuine items have the Sony Logo name embossed onto the top on the dock and have a fixed USB cable coming out of the dock.

Some Dock are clearly designed by 3rd parties and easy to see if you do your research before bidding
Some traders claim their Dock is Original, this can confuse the casual bidder into thinking they are buying the genuine item made by Sony.The traders photo conceals  the area where the Sony logo name should be by placing the usb cable over where it should be giving the impression that it is under there.

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