Sony dav dz830w hone cinema system

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Beautifully styled to match the new range of Bravia Lcd Tv's the Sony dav dz 830 system is both powerful and understated. It doesnt shout at you from the corner of the room , LOOK AT ME IM BRASH , but quite stately in its silver/black guize, state an air of elegance.

The system is amazingly easy to set up although each speaker (4 tall boy units) need putting together but this takes 30 mins. Once done the colour coded wires just pop into the dvd base unit and with the subwoofer and slim centre speaker positioned you have a fantastic sounding piece of equipement. 1200w of power is plenty to shake any room but this unit sounds better low and mid range. With lots of sound functions you can detail your every wime. Music , films and tv programmes really do come to life. I have put the surround speakers via the wireless mode (infa red units produce the connection) so i dont have loads of wires from the main unit across the floor.

dvd unit upscales to 1080 so perfect for those large plasma/lcd.

I would recommend this unit to anyone who likes the quality of sound but doesnt like paying for the 'name' like DEF or bose.

Simply is a wonderful unit to be used in mid to large rooms. - the speaker stands are a bit large for smaller closed rooms however the speakers are wall mountable so i take that back that it isnt good for small rooms.

overall it gives superb sound quality from a complete package that doesnt really cost a fortune. If you want a sub £500 unit then this is the one.I looked at the pioneer unit 9800w and was horrified by the design and look of the unit/speaker. Thankfully i was saved by the SONY. go on treat yourself.

adrian  29/02/2008  

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