Sony v700 / z700 so cheap?!

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Right, you are on eBay - you are here to possibly find out some info before you (or a friend) makes that all important transaction/purchase for something that could be real/fake.. yes/no?


Well - Here are some guidelines (from my experience, to yours).


You will notice a lot of v700 headphones on eBay, and nearly all of them are "buy it now" and are from HONGKONG or even from the UK.


The model z700 is a japanese model, the z700 (european) are crafted in china... so Hong Kong isn't a scary thing really. But on eBay - sadly - it is.

Often, factories have all the materials to construct products which exist, so - they churn out the products anyway because there is a demand for fakes.
And you will notice fakes on popular brands. Hence the trouble of finding these headphones going so cheap!


Now - what does "cheap" mean exactly?

Well - cheap means - looks the same, feels almost the same, does not sound or last the same.

If you are looking for a pair of v700's to show off to your mates, wing 'em down to clubs now and again or post videos of yourself on youtube wearing them whilst you mix, £30 is a real good deal.

However, I bought my OFFICIAL european versions from And there is a vast difference between the two. Comparing the two for sound quality issues, the official ones fit snugly on the head - correct weight, don't hurt your ears as the cup is made from an awesome material.

The fakes - the bass response is definately not as deep or rich, if you want them for mixing a bit quiet-like, or even making tracks, official ones have a professional monitoring level. You can hear the nuances off the bass, so when you play em out to the crowd or are recording, you hear what they hear.

The fakes do not reproduce bass very well - and you WILL end up turning that bass up, but everyone else will think there is too much bass.
Also, the volume only can go up half as loud as the official ones. With the official ones - you can blast the sound in them until you go deaf (much needed for clubs when it can get extremely noisy and you need to hear those cues!!) but more importantly, when you DO have a loud signal going in - there is NO distortion, or even cutting out!


The quality and response of fakes are random, you MAY get lucky. But do not think that a fake is merely a cosmetic thing. Its all what is inside that counts, otherwise you might as well just buy the outer body of the headphones and put in youghurt pots attached to string (if its a fashion thing you are going for).

But how can you tell they are fakes when you cant hear them?!


Originally, inside there is a bag (cream in colour, NOT black). But this doesn't mean that fakes can NOT have this too. But the majority of all fakes do have a black bag.


Look at the cable, the original cable is NOT shiny, it is like a MATTE texture (it looks like a telephone chord, but it is NOT shiny). The cable is almsot to the point of being a GREY colour on the official ones.

Notice - even though some photos SHOW a real cable, if you cannot see the entire headphone CONNECTED to the headphone, it could be just placed there infront or on the side, when infact in the photo it LOOKS like the official cable, however - it could be there just for show. Whos to know how they doctored their pics!!


Noticing this stuff on a photo is just not enough - you want a bargain on a GOOD set of v700's? look for reputable sellers which arent selling loads of them at once, and are genuinely selling off a once-in-a-lifetime item.

HOWEVER - even those people who are selling them might of got a real pair of v700's, took out the cream bag, got a pair of z700's and decided to do the switch - with YOU.


There is no way of telling if they are a fake or not, my advice - buy them, but NOT from hongkong (as you cant return them when you DO find that they are fakes).

Set the fakes next to a real set - and you will noticed the differences. And if a pro-DJ finds out - you WILL be a laughing stock! ;)


But for the discerning eBayer looking for a one-off bargain. AVOID GETTING V700's FROM EBAY!! they are a popular and desirable item, they can fetch up to as much as £70. You want the official sound that the pro's use, do yourself a favour, save up - get a real pair from a real store.


Because by the time that you find out the ones on eBay are fakes, the months could go by, and you would of spent about £40 on the headphones, and then a further £20 on postage BACK (a lot of seller tell you to send it to their offices, in HONGKONG!!) and paypal charges for refunding your money... You would of been better off ordering them from amazon. At the moment they are £65 including postage. So avoid ALL v700 "bargains" on eBay. And be sure to ask ask ask! Ask for proof, where the person got the headphones from, and usually the seller SHOULD be a DJ or producer or something like that (knows that they are talking about in other words) because this is why people buy headphones like these.


These aren't no "ipod" street headphones, they are for pro-use. Top of the line headphone, they have had the awesome reviews and rep because that is what they are, awesome. To have a fake (unless for vanity reasons) is a BAAAAD idea, because you will find that a £10 pair from argos will do just the same job.

The official ones are built for the job, custom made for dj-ing and monitoring. The cable is matted for extra durability and stretchability (all important) and everything, right to the connectors, are tested over and over (its a sony headphone we are talking about here!!).

If you want fakes for vanity reasons - be my guest :)

However, those of you wanting a pro-sound. I am afraid to say it but unless you have previously owned a pair, know a friend who can show you an official pair, or know what you are looking for - then avoid eBay at all costs!!! I was duped, two sets having both different inconsistencies. When you hold the official ones in your hand, it is as if holding a real gun in your hands, as opposed to a fake-plastic toy gun made to look the same. If this kind of stuff matters to you, take this advice, avoid eBay for these headphones.


Chances are - anything "industry standard" or "popular and expensive" are usually fakes when coming from hong kong or are HALF the retail price...

Do the right thing and save up some cash for that all important purchase of a set of headphones like these, and if you go to amazon, you will only be paying about £20 (inc postage) MORE than what the fakes are going on here...

Head to an official retailer, store, not eBay. eBay is great for everything BUT v700's. The chances of you finding a genuine pair are minimal, the seller WILL know what he/she is talking about when selling headphones like these, so make sure to ask the seller everything you can. Even to the point of "is the cord shiny?". Trust me, embarrasing as it may seem - this would of saved me a HECK of a lot of hassle, if I asked those questions in the first place - then I could of said "item not as described!".


I hoped that this helped push the envelope out of how EASY it is to get some fake headphones through your door for £40 a pop. Get a real pair, and if you are lucky, you MAY find on on eBay (usually dj's love these headphones, so you will be hard pushed to find a pair on sale regularly on eBay (unless they are bundled with a mixer or something that they are selling (more common)).

But know this - the seller WILL know the importance of telling the difference between a real set and a fake set. After all, wouldnt YOU be concerned with your listing if you were listing an expensive item, amongst a bunch of fake and cheap ones?

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