Sophie Giraffe

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I found Sophie the giraffe very cute and playful looking, I was however sceptical it would be a good teething toy, how wrong was I.
Sophie giraffe has been a godsend for us, baby absoultley loves her, and is helping lots with those sore gums.
We got her when baby was around 3 months old, and was not interested at first, but now, Sophie can't be out of her sight.
OK, it is a little expensive for a teething toy but when you see how much relief, joy, happiness your baby will get from this toy, you will know you have made a great choice.
Sophie also is a squeeky toy, which baby also loves, although this can become a little annoying after a while.
I can now see just why the Sophie Giraffe is so popular.  I just wish I had discovered this when my 2 older children were babies as it would have been of great help and there would have been far few tears, not only for them but us.
You can also buy, seperatley a harness for Sophie Giraffe so when you are out and about this can easily be attached to the pram, so there will be no fear of Sophie being lost.

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