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Is it worth buying a soupmaker?

After years of standing over a boiling pan, making a mess on my cooker top, & having to clean everything up afterwards after spraying everywhere with my stick blender, I have finally decided to invest in a soupmaker!

I love nothing better than a steaming hot bowl of homemade soup and my Soup Maker does just that in around 25 minutes or so! It's so easy to use, I just simply add all the ingredients, hit a couple of buttons to choose either chunky or smooth, and off it goes. First, it cooks the ingredients & then it it gets to blending.

An extra bonus is that I can also use it to make fruit or veg smoothies, porridge, and even hot chocolate, & it can even be used as a normal blender to make dips, purees and dressings, which is an unexpected bonus!

My soupmaker has a stainless steel removable filter, a control panel with both manual and pre-set options, a reheat function, a blending function, a 1.7L jug for the boil function, reducing to 1.2L capacity for soup making and anti-slip suction pads. It sits approximately 41cm high.

It is easy to clean, easy to use & you can even add ingredients during the cooking process. What I like is that I just put everything in, turn it on, & come back in half an hour to some fantastic, hot, steaming, & wholesome HOMEMADE soup.....mmmmm.

Whatever your choice of soup, whether it’s a healthy bowl of carrot and coriander, potato and leek, broccoli and stilton or vegetable soup, my Soup Maker - the Cooks Professional, has been a great buy. It is not one of those gadgets you buy, use once, then put into a is used several times a week in our house. It does come with a few recipes, but there are several recipe books available to buy to make the most of your soupmaker!

I also received via word of mouth from a friend how great the Cooks Brand is as they had used one for some time, & had received promo materials from them which she passed on to me, & got me hooked!


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