Southampton Football Ticket Buying Guide

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Southampton Football Ticket Buying Guide

Southampton Football Club (FC), nicknamed The Saints, has competed in the Premier League since the 2011-2012 season, and was promoted after finishing that year as runner up in the Championship. Southampton FC has been an established football club since 1885 and got its nickname during the club's church football days. The club's home pitch is St. Mary's Stadium on Britannia Road in Southampton. The stadium was built especially for the club and opened in 2001. Southampton FC has had a long-standing rivalry with Portsmouth FC.

Many supporters from Southampton and across the UK are very eager to see The Saints compete against other clubs in the Premier League. Buyers that wish to purchase tickets for Southampton matches must be familiar not only with the schedule of the competition, but also with the hierarchy of matches that determine the ticket prices, and the terms of football ticketing. Some tips about how to obtain tickets are also useful to make sure that supporters do not miss any exciting games.

Tickets to see Southampton FC can be bought from their home ground, St. Mary's Stadium. There are also other sources of tickets, such as accredited ticket agents and members of the Southampton supporter's club. Members of the supporter's club can be authorised to sell tickets as individuals. Memorabilia from the club is available from eBay.

Watching Southampton Football Club at St. Mary's Stadium

St. Mary's Stadium is four-star rated by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). It is the largest football stadium in the south of England outside of London with nearly 33,000 seating capacity. Southampton moved to St. Mary's Stadium from its old ground The Dell, which only had half the seating capacity. The screens at each end of St. Mary's Stadium are visible from any seat, making all of the detail of the game clear to every supporter. All four stands are the same height. There have been several great matches at St. Mary's stadium and sports memorabilia is typically sold at these events.

Selecting Seats

Each stand in the stadium is named after the area of Southampton that it faces. The stand locations, names, and some characteristics of the seating are listed in the table below.





East side

Facing the River Itchen

42 executive boxes

Police control room

Corporate hospitality suites

Press facilities

Club's offices

Changing rooms


West side

Family seating

Discounted seats for under 17s and under 11s

Extends from the south end of Kingsland into the east side of Chapel


South side

Behind the goal

Towards the east is the section of family seating


North side

Behind the goal

Up to 4,250 seats may be reserved for visiting supporters

Most vocal Southampton supporters take seats in this stand

Discounted seating for people with disabilities is reserved in the centre section of each stand. Light reaches the pitch through a continuous translucent panel at the rear of the Chapel, Kingsland, and Northam stands. A large section of the roof at the Chapel stand is also translucent.

Ticket Categories for Southampton Football Club

Tickets for Southampton matches are based on the seating location, the age of those attending, and the match category. The highest priced tickets are for the most high profile matches, as indicated below.







Manchester City

Manchester United


Aston Villa



Queens Park Rangers



West Ham







West Bromwich Albion


Category A tickets are the most expensive as they involve games with the teams most likely to win the Premier League, such as Arsenal, Manchester United, and Manchester City; therefore these matches are in high demand amongst Southampton supporters, fans of the other teams, and football enthusiasts in general. They are some of the most exciting games to watch, with Southampton supporters eager to win against a major team. The club adds a surcharge if tickets are purchase on a match day, so supporters should buy tickets in advance to get the best prices.

Historic rival Portsmouth is not currently in the same league as Southampton, which is perhaps a disappointment for supporters, but a relief for club security and public safety officials. The violence that marred the 2010 match and the subsequent heavy security at the 2011 South Coast Derby became the subject of a BBC documentary in 2013.

General Season Tickets

Season tickets for Southampton provide admittance to 19 matches. They may be bought for any stand according to availability, although certain policies apply with relation to tickets for the family stand. Specific policies also apply to lower priced tickets for under 11s (U11) and under 17s (U17).

Season Tickets in the Family Stand

Adults may purchase season tickets in the Family Stand only when also purchasing at least one ticket for a U11 or U17. A child can only purchase a U11 ticket in the Family Stand when accompanied by a paying adult. A child of any age that is not accompanied by a paying adult has to pay the U17 price. This information is summarised in the table below.

Family Attendees

Tickets Required

Adult with accompanying child under 11 years old

One adult

One U11

Adult with accompanying child under 17 years old

One adult

One U17

Unaccompanied child under 11 years old

One U17

Adult with accompanying children: one under 11 years old and one under 17 years old

One adult

One U11

One U17

Two adults with accompanying children: one under 11 years old and one under 17 years old

Two adults

One free U11

One U17

Southampton supporters should be happy to know that when there is an accompanying adult, one U11 ticket holder is entitled to a discount. In addition, a family with two adults gets one free U11 ticket. A family only gets a maximum of two free U11 tickets per transaction if there are four accompanying adults. On the club website there is no mention of entitlement to discounted tickets in the event of a large number of children. Larger families should contact the club for more information before buying season tickets.

How to Buy Southampton Football Tickets and Memorabilia on eBay

After checking the schedule of Premier League matches on the Southampton club website, buyers can visit eBay. It is possible to type generic keywords into the search field to get a variety of results. Then, you can either browse through all of the listings to find a specific item, or use the site's filters to narrow down the results according to price or other features. If you know precisely which item you would like to buy, then use eBay's advanced search feature.

Read the Item Description

When you have found the item that you wish to purchase, read the item description carefully. Look at any photos to confirm that it is the item that you want. It is important to check the authenticity of the item, especially in the case of signed memorabilia, which may be selling at a premium. The seller should be able to ensure that the item is genuine. If there are any questions that are not answered by the item listing, then contact the seller directly by using the "Ask a question" feature.

Seller Feedback

Before buying any items on eBay, get to know the seller. This is easy to do because eBay provides a simple feedback mechanism where sellers are rated by previous buyers at the end of each transaction. This rating is based on the quality of the products and the seller's customer service. Buyers provide a score based on the accuracy of the item description, the seller's communication, and the speed of dispatch of the item. Sellers with high feedback ratings have a good online reputation. Good buyers go back once they have received their items to leave feedback for the seller.


Southampton FC is an established club that dates back to 1885. It has gained a huge fan base because of its excellent line up and famous rivalry with Portsmouth. The Saints have been competing in the Premier League since the 2011-2012 season, and they were promoted as a result of finishing as runners up in the Championship. Southampton's home ground is St. Mary's Stadium, which is rated as a four-star pitch by UEFA. It is the largest football stadium in the south of England outside London. Southampton supporters can get tickets in the four stands of St Mary's Stadium: Itchen in the east side, Kingsland in the west, Chapel in the south, and Northam behind the north goal.

Ticket prices for Southampton matches are based on the rank of the competing team, seating location, and the age of those attending. Families buying tickets can use the Family Stand, with added benefits, such as discounted or free tickets for under 11s, depending on the number of adults attending. In addition to purchasing tickets, Southampton supporters have a wealth of memorabilia on eBay to collect or to wear to display support for the club.

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