Space Hoppers

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A space hopper, also known as a skippyball, kangaroo ball, bouncer, hoppity hop, or hop ball, is a rubber ball with handles which allow one to sit on it without falling off. The goal is to hop around with it, using the elastic properties of the ball to move forward.  Space Hoppers now are widely available and come in many shapes and designs.

The term "space hopper" is more common in the UK; the toy is less familiar in the United States

What size should I buy?  Please see below for a rough guide:

18" Space Hopper - Age 2-4

20" Space Hopper - Age 4-6

24" Space Hopper - Age 6+ to Adult

31" Space hopper - Age 12+ to Adult.


I've seen 24" hoppers on the internet but some are classed as childrens and some classed as adults whats the difference?

Answer; The thickness!  Childrens hoppers are thin, made for lower weights.  Adults are very thick and reinforced to take adult weights.

How do I inflate the hopper and do they all come with a pump?

Answer: Most single hoppers are supplied without a pump, packs of hoppers often have a small foot pump, but a ball pump with attachment will do the job easily.

Where can I buy?

Answer: In summer space hoppers are often available from most toy shops and even supermarkets but its a season item, so if you need one in winter, (or for a Christmas Gift) the internet is your best bet. 

Top Tip, keep the white stopper safe, they are easy to loose but hard to replace!

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