Spanish Vespa Imports

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Their are many rumours around regarding the import of poor Vespas from various parts of  Europe and many from the far east,Buyers should always ask the seller the following questions.

Was the Vespa  Originally built in Italy, Spain, India ,Vespa had many factories building machines under Licence.                                                                                                                                       Does the Machine has clear Chassis numbers.All Vespa scooters from Spain after around 1957 have the frame number stamped into the frame not stamped onto separate Alloy plates like some Douglas machines.

Buyers should never buy a Vespa(Or any vehicle for that matter) without CLEAR AND UNTAMPERED chassis or Frame numbers.Before bidding ask the seller for the ID of the machine.Many sellers wouldn t give the full number to avoid fraud but should give the majority of this number to good genuine e buyers.

Is the Vespa modified from Standard did the machines always have 10 inch wheels and a 200 cc engine(Please note Vespa do not have Matching engine and frame Numbers).This can make registering Machines much harder if the original model name prefix is difficult to trace. 

Always ask questions. Many people export Vespa without having the know how to do so correctly.Some ebayers dont even describe the item for sale correctly in regard to engine size or model & year.This can make registration hard if you have a different model than you think you have.

Aftersales if in 3 months the machine needs a part during restoration or service will the seller remain interested supplying information and guidance.

Import duty is this payable by the seller or the Buyer ?Are their hidden extras.

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