Spare me from vintage collectors guitars

Like if this guide is helpful

I weary of "collectors" guitars.

I've been around guitars and equipment and musicians long enough to have owned  or encountered a lot of the so called "vintage"," collectors" "Lawsuit"
guitars that are on offer these days.
I was around when debate raged about CBS taking over  Fender and the snobbery about owning" pre- CBS".
I was around for Mexican debate,the Japan debate and all manner of debates about the "purity" of various brands.
 One abiding conclusion i have arrived at is; the most capable,competent players got a good sound out of almost any old instrument/equipment,whereas less competent/bluffers etc,always had the latest most expensive instruments usually wallowing in the most complex effects/enhancements to mask their shortcomings. 
Back in the Sixties ,there were all sorts of abominations on the market for budding guitar players from Arbiter to Zenta,not to mention the No-namers. These things were difficult to tune/keep in tune and poor intonation was just something you had to live with .With hindsight i imagine the manufacturers/distributors just didn't get it,they were cashing in on the "Beat Boom.
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