Spare up some cash in the house make a million

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Well not quite a million, may be for some....

You'll be suprised what will sell on ebay, if you go round your house and see what you dont ACTUALLY use - be honest and dont think I might use that one day....that is the wrong attitude!

Gather it all up, and group items - into bulk lots if you are extrememly lazy - ie clothes / toys / old computer games / artwork / figurines / collectables -  and it only takes a few minutes to list an item, take a picture and add it to your lisiting. I would reccomend using a free image hosting website, so you can control your ebay feees and give the buyer a good insight into what they are getting, such as image shack - search google for this

Think we cleared over 100 items over the last few months, gathering about £400 (nice - will pay for some of the holiday next year!) - Items such as free tins, which you got 20 years ago, such as the metal weetabix tins sell for over £10 on ebay...simplay crackers.

anything that doesnt shift, take it down to a car boot! - or list as a job lot to get rid of.

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