Speaking On the Radio . . . On Christmas Eve!!!!

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Seriously, I have just spoken to Fearne and Reggie (who are both lovely) and have recorded for Christmas Eve the "It's your Party" slot!!!!  Broadcasted tomorrow (Christmas Eve) between 6.30 and 7pm!!!

It was nerve wracking, hopefully it sounds ok!!!

Unfortunately no plug for eBay   (Pinkies take note, I am still waiting for my coat, mug and Christmas Tree lights!!!!............)  Seriously, gutted as the show didnt lend itself to talking about eBay,but hey ho!   Great way to start Christmas for me, very exciting and I am amazed it happened!!!!

Wanted to share the insights I found with you.  Getting on is easy, seriously, I had no idea, I was typing away at the computer and they played the It's your Party Feature, and then invited peeps to email with their ideas, so I did, and a week later got a call asking me to be on the Christmas Eve show!!!!!

Normally, the shows are live, but this was recorded, which was good for me, as it was less nerve racking!! We will see how the broadcast sounds!!

You get a list of questions to think about the answers too, don't script them it will sound awful, but jot down some ideas about what you will say, then you just talk to the presenters in my case Fern and Reggie and have a real laugh with them.

The peeps at Radio 1 are absolutely lovely (lets see if I am saying that after tomorrows edit!!!) and it was great fun.

Details are on the Radio 1 website, fill it in, give it a go!

Hope this helped, I am soooo excited, once it has been aired I will update it with my song choices and the reasons I picked them!

Suz xx

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