Special Presentation - The Joy of Ebaying

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That Special Touch...

...Making your parcel really memorable!

I've been 'ebaying' quite a while now, and one of the greatest pleasures of this kind of shopping is seeing a parcel arrive. Now, I know this might sound a little bit obvious, when you considering the nature of buying online means things have to be sent to you, but I still find that there's something exciting about getting a parcel in the post.

What I've found with ebay, however, is that so many people make a huge amount of effort to make my day. I'm talking about all of those sellers who take such care with the presentation of the item they send. I've had items arrive with beautiful little touches like coloured tissue and curling ribbon carefully wrapping my 'win', and little handwritten 'thank you' notes always feel special and personal. One item came layered in scented tissue, with a hand-made lavender sachet inside - someone had taken the time and trouble to do this for me, and it made my day.

So who are these people?! They don't know me, I'm just someone who won something they were auctioning, or shopped in their virtual shop, but their thoughtfulness and care turns an ordinary buying experience into a special moment. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea to spend an afternoon sticking stars onto tissue paper and tying curling ribbon around things, then spending even more time hand-writing little cards or notes, and for some people, it just isn't practical! Most sellers are very busy people, trying to fit ebay in with home, family, work, and having a life, or perhaps they sell so many items that their turnaround would be compromised by such lovely, but time-consuming touches. Let's face it, if we get our items safely, in one piece, with plenty of sensible cardboard or bubble wrap to do that job, it's great, and no one should feel guilty if they don't have the time or inclination to virtually 'gift-wrap' their items...

 But for someone who is disabled and virtually housebound as I am, when I open a little parcel and find something in there that's had care, attention, and kindness paid to it before it was sent to me, it really makes my day. I really appreciate all the effort that goes into making a package that little bit special, and so when I've sold items myself, I've tried my best to put that 'personal touch' into the packaging. I've had some lovely feedback to show how much other people appreciate this, too.

So, if you have a few moments to spare before you send off your next few items, perhaps you might like to send an extra free gift - the gift of making someone smile. It won't cost you much, perhaps a few pence extra over the total cost of your other packaging materials, when you work out what a bit of tissue paper, some pretty curling ribbon, and a little note would come to. It's not the cost of the packaging that makes special packaging 'special', it's knowing someone has taken time and care to present something nicely, for a stranger. 

Kindness comes in all shapes and sizes, and by taking a few moments to add a few extra touches to your Special Presentation, you might just find that you have the wonderful gift of bringing a smile to someone's day :-)

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