Speedo swimming goggles

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It is really important to get the best fitting goggles that you can. They need to have good seal around the eyes that feels cushioned.

The bridge that covers the nose should just sit across the nose and should not be tight or dig in. there  should be enough width to keep the goggles in place and not allow any movement whilst in the water.

the band needs to be adjustable it should sit tight around the back of the head, but not too tight so the eyes don't get sore. 

I find using goggles that are anti fog are much better. it allows you to swim longer and it makes swimming much easier,.

finding the right goggles is essential   as this will make sure that you get the best out of swim and will keep you streamline in the water. 

You will need to spend some time  one to get new goggles getting use to them and adjusting them. It will take a little time to get use to them but once you have got use to them you will be swimming with confidence and getting the best out of strokes. 

I hope you enjoy swimming and I hope this helps to improve your confidence in using goggles.

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