Spot a Fake Any Hindmarch I'm Not a Plastic Bag

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There are many fake "I'm Not a Plastic Bag" bags
being sold on ebay, don't get caught out


I have inserted this bit in all my guides as it is very important. I have noticed that a some of the fake bag sellers are making their auctions and or their feedback private. If you see this, be VERY wary.

Also some of them are not using Paypal, this takes away a LOT of your protection if you do end up with a fake (see my guide on how to recover your money if you end up with a fake bag)

A lot more sellers are using photos of genuine bags, get them to send pictures of the actual bag you are bidding on or the information supplied in these guides will not be able to be put into use until you recieve the bag. This is especially applicable to sellers that are selling multiple fake bags and use the same picture for all their auctions.


Here are some tips to help you detect them:

1      Genuine bags DO NOT have zips or poppers

2      Look to see if it says designer inspired anywhere, if so its a fake

3      Look to see if the seller is offering a receipt

4      Look to see if the seller is displaying a receiptand is it clear and not blurred

5      If the seller is selling multiple items with receipts, look at the order or receipt number for each item and ensure that it is different from the others

6      A lot of the fake ones are being imported, beware of sellers that are registered in one country and the bag is shipped from another

7      Ask where the bag is being shipped from

8      If you see the same picture being used by several sellers, ask why they haven't put a picture of the bag that they are selling

9      Look at the sellers feedback, is it good, is the seller well established, been registered for a long time, use your judgement on how you feel about what you see

10    Have a look and see if Paypal offers buyer protection on the auction. This can be found in the payment section of the auction.

Please also be aware that not all genuine bags were sold with tags, and that some of the fake bags do have tags, so whether a bag has a tag or not is not an indicator as to whether it is fake or not.

Finally, try to use a Paypal and that way if these seller have said they would send a receipt and they don't or if they have said it would be shipped from the UK and its not, then you can ask paypal for a refund

If sadly if you do receive a fake, report it to ebay and if purchased through paypal, report it to them

I hope this guide has been of some use to you, even if you decide not to buy from me. Good look and be safe on Ebay

If you need any further advice, or spot a bag on ebay you are not sure about, please ask and I will do what I can to help

Due to the fact that there is a second generation of fake bags which are a lot more difficult to detect, I have written a second guide to help you spot them.

PLEASE CLICK HERE to go to that guide

If you have already bought a fake bag, CLICK HERE to see how you may be able to get your money back

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