Spot a Fake Bape G-Shock

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OK, this is my little guide to help you spot a FAKE Bape Casio G-Shock and save yourself a whole heap of cash and trouble. There are some other guides like this, but I've noticed that at least one of them is written by someone who is selling Fakes themselves!! Cheeky so and so.

Right now there are LOADS of Bape G-Shocks for sale on eBay. Yellow ones, white ones, red ones, pink ones and black ones. I've seen them all. Some sellers are offering buyers the chance to buy more than one at a time and even to choose what colours they want. So far so good. Except, they are ALL FAKE!

Now if you don't mind buying a fake that is one thing. But 99% of these sellers are advertising their Fapes (see what I did there?) as genuine Bape Casio G-Shocks, and that means some poor buyers are paying waaaaay over the odds for them. (I've seen one poor guy who paid over £220 for a fake!!!) So, how do we spot a fake? It's pretty simple.

The original Bape Casio G-Shock DW-6900 were available as very limited edition watches. They were all limted runs of 1000. That's ONE THOUSAND! The edition number will also be engraved on the back, NOT printed.  Now check the one you are going to buy/have bought. Says xxx/2000 doesn't it? D'oh! *Update 14 Mar 2011* Not all Bape editions were out of 1000. The white 6900 Bape is out of 2000.

The words around the display should be white in colour.

The position of the word “day” in the display on an authentic Casio DW-6900 G-Shock watch is displayed between the first and second circle/eye. On most of the Fapes on eBay, the word “day” is displayed directly under the second circle/eye. This is an indication that the watch they’re selling is not a genuine Casio watch and is indeed a fake. Don’t be fooled by sellers using someone else’s photos or images from Google, the price says it all.

The 3 'eyes' in the display should all be the same colour. The largest eye should certainly NOT be red. *Update 14 March 2011* The eyes are not always the same color, and the third eye is SOMETIMES red. It depends on what year and what model we are talking about. The 2009 glossy black Bape 6900 has a red third eye, for example.

*Update 14 March 2011* The easiest way to spot a fake is by looking at the digits of the LCD. The day should be between the two small eyes on a real one. On a fake one, the day is usually directly under the middle eye. Also, on a real one, the digits are shorter and more bold than on most fakes.

The text above the 5th button (Illumination button) should say Go Ape on all but the white version (That does say WAR 21st RESIST)

Any pictures that show the original box should show the corner pieces fitting very snugly (this is a quality item after all).

Ask for additional photos of the actual watch including a hand-written name tag with your name next to the watch. A legitimate seller can always provide additional photos on request. If not, why not?

That's basically it. Just remember, the real Bape is a VERY limited edition. I believe it originally sold for approximately £600. You will NOT buy a real one for less than several hundred pounds!

For further info, have a look here:

Or visit the forums at watchuseek . com  and ask someone to have a look at the watch you are interested in. Someone will be able to confirm authenticity very quickly!

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Thanks to lickety_splyt for updated info!
*Update 14 March 2011* - Thanks to kung-fusion for the updated information!
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