Spot the Gurus From Opportunists.

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Well I have been compelled to write this by an eBook I have just read.
This eBook was written by yet another one of these supposed "filthy rich" Gurus and according to him it is supposed to show you how to "Make Loads Of Money On Ebay".

It is a jungle out there and most people just write their guides to try and get more money for themselves, they use beautiful words, their reviews are beautifully formatted and presented and most people just fall for it.
These "Gurus" know this and dedicate 99% of their time to presentation and eventually became masters at it.
Unfortunately for the rest of us, behind the facade usually we just get the rip off.

I struggle a bit because I never cared much for presentation and dedicate 95% of my time to learning stuff and so sometimes I might laugh at feedback comments left by disgrunted eBay users who got ripped off by way by one of these Gurus: Do people have no common sense any more? It seems not.

Anyway, enough of my ranting, here are a few things you should look out for when you read ebooks/reports/schemes/whatevers on how to become successful on eBay.

1) Do these people provide a LINK to their eBay store?? This eBook I am reading (sorry, won't name it) goes on for pages on how to do this and that but supplies NO LINK WHATSOEVER to any eBay store: BIG DANGER BELLS RINGING! This person doesn't even HAVE an ebay store! Why wouldn't he want to use his eBook to bring traffic into it?

2) Are you reading an eBay auction where you are being offered an eBook business by some user who says he's been doing this all his life and now he wants to pass his knowledge on to you?

+Fair enough, just look on the top right corner and see HOW LONG THIS USER HAS BEEN A MEMBER OF EBAY FOR. Some of these people have been with eBay for two months!

+Look at his FEEDBACK, by clicking on the numbers next to his Username, see how many negatives there are there and read through them, USE COMMON SENSE! Some people leave negatives very easily but SOME OTHERS are genuine people who have been RIPPED OFF!

3) Are you reading an eBay auction where you are being offered an eBook business by some user who say he/she's making TONS OF MONEY on eBay and you can do the same if you just buy his/her business?
+ In this case, if you don't know how to check someone out to see what he/she has been selling on eBay and for HOW MUCH, then head over to my shop and spend a few pennies on my Video Tutorial which will help you see how the guy as REALLY BEEN DOING.
+Paypal Screenshots CAN BE DOCTORED! If you see that someone's Paypal Statements are showing tons of money coming in but the Paypal fees don't match up then RUN LIKE THE WIND as you just spotted a FRAUD!

4) Are you reading an eBay auction where you are being offered an eBay eBook business by some user who says that it will take a couple of days to set up and that it is very easy to do?

+ unless you are buying a package where HE IS DOING THE WHOLE SETUP FOR YOU (which is just impossible if we are talking about stocking an eBay shop!) then just stop reading and run like the wind: You don't set up an eBay eBook business in a couple of days! More like 6 months if you don't fall prey of any traps and trust me there are plenty of them. There are VERY FEW people who will genuinely help you achieve success, especially if you will become competition! Most  eBook sellers are DENSE and see competition like a sore, this is because they couldn't put two sentenses together and produce their OWN PRODUCT like some of us do, but they are constant enough to spend time on their IMMACULATE PRESENTATION, which is the biggest money maker.

5) Are you reading an eBay auction where you are being offered something that seems too good to be true and the user is keeping the feedback PRIVATE? Run like the wind!

6) There are plenty more points to watch out for but I think it'll be easier to explain them if I make a few cheap Video Tutorials.. as soon as I get some time that is. I am making no money from them and for now I feel satisfied I have done my good citizen duty with this rant... if it gets approved fit for publishing that is.

If it does, hope it was useful to some of the new eBayers out there.
Feel free to mail me should you have any security concerns, especially regarding ebay members MAILING you spam offers because you "purchased from them", I will help you squash them like they deserve.


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