Spotting Fake B&O A8 Earphones

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I've had the unfortunate experience of buying a pair of fake Bang & Olufsen A8 earphones. And just to help
others that might get in the same situation or just want to check if their own pair is a fake, I've taken some
pictures of the original B&O earphones (On the left) and compared them with the fake pair on the right.

First of all, you can normally "feel" if its a fake, just by holding it in your hand or even just looking at the finish.
In general, B&O products have a really high quality and the finish is really great, with much attention on the details and the quality.

Not really much more to say, than look at the differences in the picture, and you'll easily be able to avoid buying the fakes.

!!!Update: I can't get the images to work in the right resolution - Working on a way to solve this problem!!!

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