Spotting Fake Nokia N95 N95 8gb And N96

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Spotting Fake Nokia N95 8gb

I didn't realise there were so many faked Nokia's and some of them are really hard to tell
apart, so I thought it would be really useful to have a some info and links on spotting the
fakes. The N95 8gbs are that good it would catch 90% of people out and even
though you may not be that gullible/suspicious family members and friends you know may be.
They are being advertised all over the free advert web sites/free ads papers and will some will slip though onto Ebay.

How to spot from the advert:

They are usually advertised as being brand new and either boxed or with no box and limited

All of the adverts I have replied to say 'quick sale' (doesn't mean they all do)

They may say that it will only work on dual bands and may specify the phone operators that

it will work on but the genuine N95 (and 8gb version) works on all UK networks and is QUAD


They may say 'Chinese model'

The Nitty Gritty

Fake Nokia N95 8gb's come from China (hence the Chinese model on advert) in a faked Nokia
box with either a black ebay looking spare Chinese battery or a faked Nokia battery (with hologram) labelled BL-6F. It also comes with a data cable a cheaply made headset that doesn't come with the remote control that goes between the headset and no documentation or Nokia CD (If it does come with a cd turn it onto its silver side and look in the centre for the text 'Sony DADC' if it doesn't say this its a fake)

The Call

Rather than waste your time and phone bill before you start ask them:

Has it got WIFI? and when in the main screen does it say 'WLAN scanning off'

Has it got built in GPS? and when you load up 'maps' in the main menu does it say 'requires

hardware upgrade'

Has it got a Symbian operating system or just a series of icons?

They will probably act cagey and say they don't know as its sealed up in its box. They may even be that blatent and confident that they can convice you their fake is a genuine chinese import with a few features removed. Most the people I rang with fakes either put the phone down after I asked if it had the above features or tried to blag it saying they were brand new genuine N95 8gbs and it was the last one they had and could do me a very good price. One even rang ME back and spent about 15 minutes on telling me how they sell 100s of phones on Gumtree with no problems and that for £100 theirs was a genuine N95 8gb (it was originally £180 but said he could do it for a special price as it was his last one)

Generally although there are N95 8gbs out there for under £200 (I picked one up for £170) most for £180 and under should be viewed with suspicion. Don't waste you phone bill or credit getting into a conversation with these parasites just ask the 3 questions above and if they don't know (they will know) or say no slam that phone down without saying goodbye.The original N95 was heavily faked to but was quite a poor copy but there is fake N81 and N82s so be careful.

Spotting Fake N95

Looks like an N95 but the dead give away is the touch screen with shortcut keys etched into screen (Google fake Nokia N95 for more info)

Spotting Fake N96

Like the N95 8gb it looks identical to the original but lacks Wifi, GPS and a Symbian operating system (like the fake N95 8GB) No front camera, speaker where the camera flash should be and the speakers on each corner is blanked. There are quite a few other differences to but this should be enough and if you are not sure you can contact me.

The Nokia N81 and N82 have also been faked but for that info just Google 'fake Nokia N81 / N82)

This guide is correct as of the 22nd Of Sept 08 but these Chinese fakers are very clever and could bring out more detailed versions of the originals so be aware!

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