Spotting Fake Paul Smith Accessories

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This is just a brief guide on how to spot a fake Paul Smith Accessory

I’d say the majority of Paul Smith accessories listed on eBay are fake (although it’s better now than it was a year ago!), but there are a few simple steps you can take to prevent purchasing a bogus item.

First of all, Paul Smith belts and ties DO NOT come packed in multi stripe or multi swirl presentation boxes.

In fact, most Paul Smith items do not come boxed at all – they are usually in a plain black drawstring bag with Paul Smith written in white.

The genuine boxes are a simple matt black finished with the words Paul Smith embossed or written in white on the box. Cufflinks, diaries/ organisers, pens, wallets and mugs are almost always boxed.

If the box is a lot bigger than the item and the bag is white with pink or green writing, this is another indicator that the item could be fake.


Should come in a black presentation box, inside a black drawstring bag and have a white Paul Smith insert card with black writing and not a black insert card with green or pink writing. The leather should be thin and not spongy. The print on the wallet should be clean and the colour should not bleed.

Paul Smith DO NOT make wallets with pictures of zebra’s on them – these are fake.

The buckle usually looks a bit worn and is never polished chrome. The belt itself never has a picture of a mini repeating across the entire belt – it’s usually only found once on the tip of the inside of the belt.

Usually the print is cheap quality and the lining is badly stitched. The zip on the back is normally shorter than an original bag.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but if you use a little bit of common sense, you will avoid the perils of purchasing a fake. I could go on forever but I hope you get the idea.

Last of all, buy from a reputable seller; whitaker234, buster1857 and capitalistboy (and myself of course!) are independent eBay sellers that sell genuine Paul Smith items.

I hope you enjoyed reading this guide – if you have any questions, I’m always happy to help!


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