Spotting Faulse Claims For Missing Items, eBay Sellers

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Welcome to another helping hand from T.O.Ds-bargins T/A Makeup Wizard & otherwise known as bargin143.

We have writton this guide to help the many eBay sellers combat a large percent of false claims for shortages by the not so worthy eBay members that are making the genuine eBayers look bad!! This seems to be a rising issue so heres a simple tip:

you sell your item & the buyer pay's for it, it then gets dispatched & all seems well until suddenly you receive an e-mail to tell you that the package was missing an items!!

that can't be right can it? well it could be, after all we are all only human & mistakes can be made but how can you be sure you forgot to put something in??

Well if you use the post office & obtain a proof of posting (this seems to be the norm for selling on eBay) then the first check to make is the weight of the package sent example:

if you sent out 30 items in 1 package & they weigh 300g (10g each item) this would be on your proof of posting so if those 30 items weighed 300g & this IS on the proof then the package could not have been missing anything & bingo there is your first evidance of a questionable claim but on a lighter note if the proof has 290g on it then you could tell that it was 1 short & avoid any disputes by sending out the missing item.

So you establish that your buyer could be making a faulse claim what can you do? Firstly you can present them with you findings (we would advise you avoid any threats or insults as these often backfire) you can also report them to eBay or paypal who may request additional information to help protect your account but you may find just by letting the buyer know that you have this proof they may just decide to try there luck on someone else!!

If you have found this to be helpfull please rate it so we can help as many genuine eBay sellers protect the livley hoods

Kind Regards bargin143

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