Spotting a Scam

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This is my first guide I have written and I hope you find it usefull.

In this guide I am going to explain, or try, how you can steer clear of scams and fraudulant auctions on eBay.

First off. DONT BID!
Although the auction seems the best thing ever to appear on your screen make sure you read the auction in full making sure there are no catches. One of the most common misleads is the "carefull wording" fraudlant sellers use in thier auctions. Fraudulant Sellers can word their auctions describing an amazing item but never say once that that is what you are getting when you bid. People can end up buying an empty box for alot of money! If the auction doesn't say that the item you want is or isn't included click the "Ask seller a question" link and pollitely ask the seller to confirm that an item is included. If they fail to reply then the likely situation is that they are trying to scam you. But please don't think that is the case 100% of the time, not everyone is on eBay at the same time as you and they may just be away.

The second way to spot, or not spot, a fraudlant auciton.
L00k at the feedback! A genuine eBayer will have good feedback from different people. A fraudulant seller will have eighther little feedback from the same eBay users (possibly a friend or another account of theirs) or more commenly 100% good feed back that is private and only has 10 - 20 entries.

Please DO NOT see every eBayer who has little feedback or private feedback as a fraudster because the majority will be new eByers. ALWAYS ask sellers questions through eBay if you want to make sure.

If I am warey about an auction then I normally ask for a picture of the item with their eBay name on a piece of paper next to it to prove they have it.

REMEMBER, I am not saying that all eBayers with suspicious auctions are fraudsters, 99% of the time they are legit. Please always ask them questions! and keep eBay safe.

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